About me

My name is Krysia Lynch BA, MSc, PhD, Lic ISH, ISHom (Registered Member of the Irish Society of Homoeopaths)  and I am a Licensed Registered Homoeopath passionate about health and well being. I have a particular interest in family health and supporting women’s health through homoeopathy.

my favourite photo of me

I have had  extensive experience of working with families and their children. I graduated from the Irish School of Homoeopathy in 2007 and I completed my Postgraduate course in Applied Homoeopathy in 2008. Following two years of CPD I was accepted as a member of the Irish Society of Homoeopaths in 2009. I regularly teach homoeopathy courses to support children’s and women’s health and I have a specialised interest in pregnancy, birth and the immediate post-partum.

Before I worked as a homoeopath I  worked as a research scientist and lecturer in TCD for many years and I have a PhD in Environmental Sciences.

In addition to working as a homoeopath I also work as a birth and postpartum doula www.dublindoula.ie and I am the Chair of AIMSIreland (www.aimsireland.ie. I also write for several blogs including www.42weeks.ie and nocountryforpregnantwomen.com