Health and wellness is more than just ensuring that you or your family are not sick. Its about maintaining health on a day to day basis and ensuring that your body is functioning to its full potential. Sometimes maintaining a healthy outlook, eating well and taking regular exercise is sufficient to ensure that you feel well. However, sometimes extra physical, emotional, mental hormonal or environmental stress can leave you feeling not quite yourself, or in the case of your children can leave them feeling out of sorts, in funny moods or simply physically unwell. Homoeopathy can help ease the symptoms of physical emotional or mental imbalance, be it an acute set of symptoms that arise very quickly or a set of symptoms that arise slowly and may have been present for a long time.

My aim is to support families and individuals who want to maximise their well being and maintain a healthy lifestyle both physically and emotionally so that they can fulfil their full potential in life.

My Clinic is in Central Dublin at Insight Matters 106 Capel St Dublin 1

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